As Twilight Falls


'As Twilight Falls' by Amaznda Ashley is the story of Kadie Andrews and Rylan Saintcrow. I actually was reading another book called "Twilight Dreams" that had Kadie and Rylan in there as secondary characters. I was halfway through that book when I just kept thinking I really want to read Rylan and Kadie book too. So I found this one 'As Twilight Falls' with their story. I was not disappointed at all. I enjoyed this book just as I thought I would!
Kadie is a photographer that happen to take a wrong turn and ended up in Rylan's 'ghost town' that host a few vampires and humans who they feed off of. Rylan has actually been underground for about 30 years when he 'smells' Kadie in his town. Rylan can't resist her and quickly takes her to is house. There Kadie starts to have feeling for him and she ends up making him more 'feeling' with other people treatment. So if you like a tough heroine with a tough guy hero that is all soft inside for his women...then this one is for you! Truly enjoyed this book and was happy to get back to my other book 'Twilight Dreams' and finished reading that one also. Both were great.