Mad for the Plaid





'Mad for the Plaid' by Karen Hawkins is book three of "The Oxenburg Princes" series.  This is the story of Prince Nikolai Romanovin  and Ailsa.  I read all the books in this series but I do think this is a standalone book.
Ailsa has been writing a few letters back and forth to Nik at his grandmothers request for a trunk she left behind when leaving to visit Ailsa and her grandmother. So they have a kind of presumption of each other from those letters. When Nik Grandmother goes missing Ailsa has to let Nik know that she is missing.  This brings him to her house while undercover of being a groom. Nik doesn't want his people to know that he has left the area but wants to come and find his grandmother. Ailsa is pretty smart and figures out who Nik really is and they pretend that they will work together at first.  I though this was another great book by Ms. Hawkins. I also love the secondary characters as they are just as fun as the main ones.
I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.