The Thief Steals Her Earl


'The Thief Steals Her Earl' by Christina McKnight is book one in the "Craven House" series.  This is the story of Simon Montgomery, the Earl of Cartwright and Judith Pengarden.   Judith and her twin sister Sam has taken to stealing to secretly help out there oldest sister who is like a mother to them and has also been helping abused women.  Judith and Sam realized that their sister is in need of money to keep the house and to help others.  So this takes Judith to break into a house were they steal a vase they can't get rid of and at one outing was spotted by a young girl.  So Judith happens to meet Simon who dabbles in art, antiques and such.  Judith thinks to get closer to him and see if he can help sale the vase.  Simon is bookish, quiet and is not that popular with the town..but does have a reputation for Art and antiques. When he meets Judith he finds her to be smart than most women he runs into and she seems to be interested in what he likes too.  So Simon starts a friendship of sorts with Judith.  
When I started reading this book I could not put it down... it cause another book-hangover for me. I wanted to see how things would go when the truth of Judith came out and how Simon was going to handle it...loved it.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
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