The Summer Bride


'The Summer Bride' by Anne Gracie is book four in the "Chance Sisters" series.  
This is the story of Daisy Chance and Patrick Flynn.   Daisy and Flynn have been friends for a little while and each know what they want.  Fylnn wants a aristocratic wife to go along with the money he has made in trade and Daisy wants to own a dress shop to be a independent women.  
But Flynn starts to know that a aristocratic wife won't bring him the love his parents had and wants instead to have a friend and lover in his wife.  Which he slowly starts to think it is Daisy he wants.
Daisy is always been attracted to Flynn but didn't want to ruin their friendship and also she doesn't really trust anyone enough to give up her dream.
This book didn't really disappoint at all!  Ms. Gracie is my favorite author and her books always makes me have an emotional attachment to her characters! I do wish they would have decided that they want and love each other a lot sooner but that is just a preference.

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