A License to Wed


'A License to Wed' is book two in the "Rebellious Brides" series ('Regency Spymasters' series). by Diana Quincy.  This is the story of Elinor Dunsmore and Will Naismith.  This can be a standalone book but I have read the previous book "Spy Fall" and I found it helpful to read that book first.   'Spy Fall' was about Elinor brother: Lord Cosmo Dunsmore and it touched on how his life was affected by Elinor 'death' and about Elinor Child.   So I would say to read that book if you can but again you will be okay if you don't.
Elinor had become a spy of sorts and now she is being told try and seduce Will to find out what he knows.  Will is surprised to see Elinor since he and her family think she is dead.  Will and Elinor had a passionate night where he ended up leaving because of his bastard status and thinking he wasn't good enough for Elinor.   
How will they go forward with what they know about the other?  Can they trust each other?

I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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