His Every Need


'His Every Need' by Terri L. Austin is book one in the series "Beauty and the Brit". This is the story of Allie Campbell and Trevor Blake.
Allie is the oldest of three girls and has been helping to take care of her mother who had terminal cancer. Her father seems to have lost his way since he wife has gotten sick and died. Now Allie finds out that her father made a bad loan choice that put their house up to be sold.
Allie goes to Trevor who is the one that loaned her father the money and is the one that is taking away their house. There Allie find that Trevor doesn't care about her sad story nor will he give them a longer time frame to pay him back. Trevor makes an off remark about her selling her body to get money as a mean joke but she calls Trevor out on it and offers her body to him.
Trevor thinks to scare her away with forceful sexual talk but she doesn't back down. Now Trevor finds himself with her as his 'mistress' for a few months for her to bring her fathers bill to a zero balance.
Allie was a strong character that just wanted to save her family that was going in all directions and not the right direction. Allie was attracted to Trevor and did feel that he was harsh in some of his words but she slowly started learning about his younger life that had made him who he turned into.
Trevor did say really mean things to her at times that he quickly wanted to take back. Overall he was a good hero who was slow to except his feelings for her. I loved how he would tell his staff she was only her for a few days and each time he repeated that statement he kept adding days to it until he ended up with months. Also the secondary characters were so much fun although I didn't care so much for Monica the middle sister as much as the other characters. I did a marathon read of this book and the next Novella book 'To Be His' and stayed up all night reading them both. To me they were that good...so today I am fight a book hangover but it was totally worth it!
So if you like a strong, gets into your business heroine and a wounded, tough sounding and fight his feeling hero this one is for you.
I can't wait to read more of Ms. Austin books and this series!!

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