A False Proposal


I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'A False Proposal' by Pamela Mingle is the story of Adam Grey and Cass Linford.
Adam is a war hero who is looking to run for Parliament...but after being home just a short time he learns his dad is trying to marry him off to settle some debits he has. Adam is not having any of that and tells his father that he is already engaged to Cass.
Cass is Adam's best friend sister who he has known since he was young. Adam has meet Cass again after returning and has gotten off the wrong foot with her at first. Adam is finding Cass attractive and so this false engagement could be hard to keep up with.
Cass was once engaged but now is living life as a spinster helping with her family. When her brother brings Adam home again she finds she still has a tender for Adam but he starts off the wrong foot with her. But they are still friends and she does try to help him with this false engagement. But will it really be false?

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