The Prince's Bride


I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'The Prince's Bride' by Diane Alberts is book two in the "Modern Fairytales" series.
I have not read the previous book so for me this was a standalone book. This is the story of Alicia Forkes and Prince Leo.
Alicia is having some hardships and her friend has created a 'bucket list' for her to do to get her mind off things and to come out of her comfort zone. So one thing to knock off the list is to have sex with a stranger and never see him again. So she goes to a trendy club were you wear mask to hid who you are. There she meets a masked man who reminds her of a lost love when she was really young. They have hot sex and Alicia just up and leaves him like her bucket list said too. But unknown to Alicia Leo was the man she had sex with and he is also the man that broke her heart years ago. Now Leo is out to bring her back to him and has put a 'be on the look out' for her through his country and TV.
This had pretty much everything you can think of in this book. It was a great Fairy tale with the chance at second chance at love theme. Loved it.

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