Let The Waves Come In

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
'Let The Waves Come In by J.L. Leslie is the story of Aubrey Somers and Declan Matthews.
Aubrey has had a crush on Declan since she was thirteen years old. Declan is her best friend Drew older brother. On Aubrey eighteen birthday she makes her move to show Declan how she feels.
They end up having sex but Declan seem very cold to her afterwards and she goes to Dew to be consoled.
Now six years later Declan and Aubrey find themselves in the same area of California and even become roommates. After a few weeks of just being roommates the find they are still attracted to each other. They start to sleep together but they both have secrets they haven't shared with each other. They are both fighting mental demons. Declan is also somewhat jealous of Aubrey's closeness to Drew.
This was a really great story that you can't stop reading! Really great read!

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