Billionaire Blackmail


I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'Billionaire Blackmail' by Alison Aimes is the story of Nik Valenti and Sara Turner.
Sara and Nik both had pretty hard times growing up. Nik mother was hood on drugs and Nik was taken from her. So Nik has pretty much grown up on the streets although he was taken in by a family who help raised him. Sara had a similar time but she had a younger brother who also along with their parents has fallen for drugs and such. Sara has been pulling her brother out of on situation to another.
This book seems to pick up the story of Nik and Sara after they have broken up..but later Nik finds out that money has been stolen from him and all roads lead to Sara as the one that did it. When Nik goes to confront her with this issue Sara is at the hospital with her brother who has been brought in. It seems it got into a fight and drugs also were involved. Nik makes Sara sign a contract saying she has to do pretty much whatever he wants or she or her brother will go to jail. Also if she signs the papers Nik said he would help to get her brother into rehab and help with their debts. Sara signs the papers but she knows she isn't the one who took his money but she wants to save her brother. Will Sara and Nik ever come to trust one another?

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