I just read 'Covet' the Prequel to this book 'Splendor' by Janet Nissenson (which is book 2 in the "Inevitable" series). I enjoyed 'Covert' so much that I had to quickly go to Amazon and buy this book to finish off the story of Ian and Tessa.
This book does cover some of Tessa story before meeting Ian. Also how Tessa first marriage to Peter was. There was no cheating or anything like that. Tessa did not get with Ian until after Peter asked for a divorce. But what I enjoyed so much more was how Ian was with Tessa. Ian from day one knew that Tessa was the love of his life. He also respected that she was married and for the 2 1/2 years she was married while working for him company...Ian did no more that treat her like a regular employee. Although Ian was fighting his feelings he knew Tessa would not do anything to hurt her husband. Tessa had a messed up childhood along with Peter her first husband. They married more has friends and to help each other out. Though they did try to make their marriage real neither good really be more that friends. Tessa was attracted to Ian from the first but she didn't think Ian would go for someone like her and she really wanted her marriage to work since Peter was the only family she had left. But Peter traveling to be a report and his constant wish that they divorce so that Tessa could have the man she deserves finally brought Peter to tell her that he was filling for divorce. Tessa was more upset about loosing Peter as a friend and as a family member more so than ending her marriage to him. Tessa knew that were not working but still didn't want to let it go. Tessa did not really tell anyone at work about her divorce for a few months. But when Ian finally heard about it he started to make a slow move to show Tessa how he really feels.
I truly loved this book and wish I could give it more than 5 stars!!

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