I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'Covert' by Janet Nissenson is a Prequel of sorts for the "Splendor" book which is book two in the "Inevitable" series. Meaning this book goes more into the story of Tessa Lockwood before Ian Gregson meets her. We see more of behind what Tessa life was like. Ms. Nissenson has chosen to expand/ write more of Tessa and Ian story that was covered in the "Splendor' Book 2 of "Inevitable" series.
Covet does in a cliffhanger that will set you up for the next book that continues their story.
You might ask why would they take apart "Splendor' book 2 in "Inevitable" and rewrite it making it into more expanded books. Well my answer from personally reading the books that I enjoyed Tessa and Ian story so much that I think I would love to read more about them and have some things made fresh.
So this book deals with Tessa and how she grew up. How she meet Peter her fist husband and how she came to work for Ian company. We see the struggles that Tessa and Peter went through. Also this book covers how Ian had to deal with meeting Tessa and knowing that she was married and off limits. At now time did either cheat and they both acted professionally. So this book did not deal with Ian and Tessa relationship because during this book it was purely business with both just fighting their feelings.
After reading the book I must find more of Ms. Nissenson books!

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