Diablo Lake: Moonstruck


I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'Moonstruck' by Lauren Dane is book one in the "Diablo Lake" series. This is the story of Katie Grady and Jace Dooley.
Kaite left Diablo Lake a few years back after being left at the alter. The man she was going to marry was a shiftier but he was also sleeping around on her. Katie is a which of sorts and hadn't yet come into her powers or started using them. So now one knew how powerful she would be. But now she is back after her father was taken ill and her family needed her to come back and run their family business. There she is reunited with Jace who is also a shiftier from another pack then her ex. Jace and her were friends of sorts...they had shared a few moments together. But now they are both very attracted to each other. But Katie ex who is now married with kids is starting to bother her along with his pack. They now know she is a powerful which and want to have her on their side to make their pack stronger. Jace of course wants her to be his mate now that she is back. Great story...enjoyed reading it.

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