Nordic Bound

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ARC provided for a Honest Review.

'Nordic Bound' by Christine Edwards is book three in the "Nordic Lights" series. This is the story of Ingvild and Aksel.

Ingvild is trying to help save her little brother Kjetil from some Neo-Nazi group called the Norsemen. The group has really tricked him into gambling and loosing a lot of money. Now Kjetil needs to pay up or pay in blood. Ingvild goes to the leader of Norsemen to ask if she can do something to help her brother. The leader tells her she needs to steal a mask from Aksel.

Aksel is a Dom who has not been in a relationship in a while. One night he is awaken by someone breaking into his house. Aksel confronts the 'robber' and tries to stop the robber from taking anything of his. But has no luck in doing so but does ends up shooting the robber. For the next few weeks Aksel tries to find the girl robber and get back his mask.

When Aksel and Ingvild meet they are quickly attracted to one another but Ingvild has issue with trying to comes to turn with what she did. Aksel realizes that Ingvild isn't the hard core criminal and was only trying to help her family. Aksel also see her as a 'sub' and wants to get more involved with her. But can they stop the leader of Norsemen from hurting Ingvild?

This was a really exciting read!!