The Roman's Woman


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
'The Roman's Woman' by Lucy Leroux is book 4 in the "A Singular Obsession"series. I have read all book in this series so far, but this book can be a standalone book. So if you are jumping around in the series you will be okay. This was another hot, Alpha male who with a cherry on top wanted kids. I loved Gio and Sophia story.
Gio who runs a bank, and who is very rich... was married once. Gio has since been divorced for about two years from his wife. Now his ex-wife keeps getting in trouble and she is trying to drag his name down with her. Gio ex-wife was his father's God daughter and since their parents were best friends it seem them ended up marring. Gio had always wanted a wife and children so it was his next step. But his dream became a nightmare and now he still paying the price. When Gio happens to see Sophia at a fund raising ball/dinner he is quickly taken with her but she leaves before he can talk to her.
Sophia is coming of a bad relationship and has set up to take a holiday to get away from everything. Then she meets Gio who she thinks is her friend's street performer. Sophia agrees for him to show here some sights while she is on holiday....she even started thinking a possible holiday fling.
We get to see their relationship play out. How Gio wants to come clean with who he really is, but will this be a deal breaker for Sophia? It also seems her ex-boyfriend might not be done with her either.
This was a great, hot read that I could not put down! I had to read it in one sitting just as I had done the others. Loved this book and series!


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