The Ghost


I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'The Ghost' by Monica McCarty is book is book 15 in the "Highland Guard" series. This is the story of Joan Comyn and Alex Seton. Joan is the daughter of Bella MacDuff who story was told in book 4 of 'Highland Guard' series called "The Viper". With that said I will say this can be a standalone book.
Joan's mother Bella was taken from her at a early age and her father was an harsh if not evil man. At the age of 14 she went to help with the cause that her mother had been fighting for. Joan is an undercover spy that is called the "Ghost" in the Highland Guard group.
Alex once was a Highland Guard but since he is half English he is able to go between the Scots and English. After fight with the Highland Guards for several years which had conflicted with his English Knight honor he decide to try to work with the English to try and stop the war.
Joan has made a name for herself as being somewhat loose with her self. Which when Alex meets her again he is great attracted to her but when he finds out she gives her self out he tries to stop his feelings. Alex wants a 'pure' women when he does take one just as high as his standards.
So we find Joan struggling to keep her emotions down as she had learn when she was younger but finding it hard now...but she has to for her cover.
Will Alex find out what Joan is up to? Will he change his mind about Joan? Will Joan every learn to trust someone?
Another great book in this series!!

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