Captured in Croatia


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
'Captured in Croatia' by Christine Edwards is the story of Carew Sloan and Zoran.
Carew is a Corporate spy for a a private intelligence company. Carew is trying to get information from she goes home with him to try to steal information from him. Juric is a very dangerous man and is protected by Zoran...who is the body guard.
Carew goes to Juric home and ends up escaping with Zoran chasing after her. Carew ends up in a car accident and Zoran takes her from the accident and makes keeps her.
Zoran is attracted to Carew from the first and does try to warn her from Juric...but she doesn't listen to him. Now Zoran has taken her and will protect her and try to find out what she is after.
This was a very exciting read that had the car chase, spying, hot scene and just another great book by Ms. Edwards!!

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