Once Upon a Spy


I received this book in exchange for an honest review
'Once Upon a Spy' by Sheridan Jeane is book three in the "Secrets and Seduction" series. This is the story of Robert, Earl of Wentworth and Antonia.
Robert attending a ball with his younger brother, Frederick who is a spy. Robert's brother hands get hurt and we find that Frederick only came there to take a book related to his spying. So Frederick ask Robert to step up and help him get the book. Robert doesn't like to be involved with his brother spying but does end up helping him out. Robert has the book but when trying to get it back to his brother he is caught in the hall by Antonia who Robert doesn't know but has been eyeing her most of the night.
We find Antonia is after the book too...but for other reason. Antonia is trying to save her family and the book she thinks will help her do that. Antonia charms the book away from Robert by kissing him. Antonia then and disappears with the book.
Robert knows he has to get the book back to keep a war between Russia and England from happening. So Robert tries to find Antonia which he ends up doing at a play she is in.
I really did like the characters and felt a connection with them. Antonia had a really sad story that I felt a lot for her.
I have loved this series and so glad that this was another great book!!

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