received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'The Dark Vampire ' by Kate Baxter is book three in the "Last True Vampire" series.
I have not read the other books yet so for me this was a standalone book.

This book is about Jenner a Vampire and Bria. Jenner has issue from his past that make him what he is today...which seems to use women for sex and blood. Never getting enough of both it would seem.
Bria is a sheltered girl whose farther was a Vampire but her mother was human. They were both killed and her Uncle has been keeping her sheltered as much as he can from the world. There is a witch that is after Bria and her Uncle has been protecting her by hiding Bria.

Bria has been slipping out from her Uncles place and on one of these trips she is attracted. Her Uncle takes her to some Vampires that he has just hired to help protect his niece. The Uncle ask them to turn her so she won't 'die'.

Once Bria is turned she stays with the Vampires group for a few days before meeting Jenner. Once she and Jenner meet they find that they are 'mates'. Jenner can't fight this but is upset that Bria is such a nice girl and that he is afraid of hurting or killing her. So Jenner Tires to keep his distance..but it is impossible.

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