The King's Executioner


I received this book in exchange for an honest review
'The King's Executioner' by Donna Fletcher is the first book in the "Pict King" series. It is also the story of Anin and Paine. This was another of Ms. Fletcher books that I could not put down and had to read it in one sitting. Paine is very harsh at first but it doesn't take long for you to fall in love with him.
Anin has been ordered to marry King Talon. But Anin and her mother both know that this is not a good thing for Anin to do. So Anin eaves and tries to go to her mother's original home. But Paine has come for her and plans to take her back to King Talon. Anin settles into the knowledge that she will have to go to the King to become his wife.
Paine is the Kings 'executioner', 'enforcer' and is being sent to track down Anin. Paine is to return her to the King so that the King may take her as a wife.
Pain and Anin while trying to return to the King find trouble at every turn... It seems Anin is in danger. Paine is trying to protect her, which is causing him to have strong feelings for her. Paine finds that he is having a hard time in fighting his feelings. Anin too, is finding that she has become attached to Pain. Can they part ways when and if they make it to the King?