The Replacement Bride









I was giving a ARC for a honest review.
'The Replacement Bride' by Cynthia Woolf. This is book two in the Hope's Crossing Book Series.
This is really a sweet, easy and great book to read!
Clare Griggs has had a tough like growing up on a poor farm. Clare knows at twenty-three she is a "old maid" and is just adding to her families burdens. So she decides to become a Mail Order Bride. This leads her to meet Jesse Donovan who has been working to become rich and be able to get his New York fiancee to come to live with him as his wife. But he finds that she is marrying someone else. With no hope of getting her back Jesse decides to get a Mail Order Bride. Jesse knows that he won't be able to love her like he did his fiancee but feels Clare will do good as his wife.

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