The Lady Who Saw Too Much

I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'The Lady Who Saw Too Much' by Thomasine Rappold is book two in the "Soul Survivor". It is the story of Gianna York and Landen Elmsworth. This is a standalone book I felt. I have not read the previous book and didn't have a problem...but I enjoyed this book so much I do want to read the other one!
Gianna had a really upsetting life change that had caused the death of her brothers. It has now left her where she is able to have premonitions. Her Mother and Father have never really cared for her and now they have made it so hard that she ran away. Gianna started working at a school but the story opens with her having to leave as the truth has come out that she ran away from home and not an 'orphan' Gianna is sent to Landen to be his sister's companion. Gianna has had a premonitions of Landen where before she even gets there she 'sees' his death. So Gianna knows she has to go there to try to save him.
Landen is attracted to Gianna from the start but he knows that she is here to help get his sister out of her shyness. But when he catches Gianna in his room he can't fight his feelings and kisses her which at the same time his Aunt catches them. Now he is set up for marriage which he is very upset with and thinks Gianna set him up for this.
Can Gianna save him? Will Landen every forgive her? Will he every accept her..... when he finds out about her premonitions?










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