Lessons in Love




I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. This was also my first book by this author but it won't be my last!!

"Lessons in Love " by Kathryn R. Blake is the story of Pam Weston and Robert Peterson. This was a total different book than I thought it would be. It kept you guess what was going to happen in someways even though you always seem to know what was going to happen in the end of a Romance book. I also think the reason that added to this is that we only have her version of what is going on...we don't 'hear' from Rob. Which I will say I like to hear both parts of the couple so I there is any marks against this book that would be it. I truly thought a one point there would be a cliffhanger but there was not on... which I was so glad. I ended up reading this book into the early more hours until I just had to stop due to being early morning already! So be prepared to be hooked on this book and not wanting to put it down!

Pam had a tough childhood due to her step father's treatment and the mental hardship of watch her mother get beating by him. When she was sixteen years old she did something to end their torment by taking his life. Her mother didn't step forward to help with the court system and hurt her more than anything. Since she was young and had good behavior she was released a few years earlier then her 5 year sentence. Pam started working for a company that her Dr in the prison had director to. About 6 months into the job she is directed to help out with the CEO Robert Peterson as his assistant. Pam finds him sort of cold and harsh the fist part of the day but by the end of it we see him taking control of her when she starts to have panic attack.

CEO Robert Peterson who also is Dominant Male and embraces that life style is drawn to Pam. Rob also feels that he can help her with her self hate, self put down and that is what he looks to do at first, but she is total different than other women he has had in his life. Rob I think tries to change her outside appears somewhat to help with her attitude she has on herself and to help her deal with some of the clients he would be having. This to put her on a more fitting footage for her but she takes it in as she isn't good enough. Which Rob again tries to get her to see what he wants her to see. Yes, he does some/most of this because he prefers her to look a certain way but I do think in his way he is trying to help her.

So will Pam be able to mover forward from her past? Can there really be relationship between these two?

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