A Million Different Ways (A Horn Novel, #1)

A Million Different Ways by P. Dangelico is the story of Vera Sava and Sebastian Horn. It is also debut author that I am so happy to have read her first book...and cannot wait for the next one. There is a cliffhanger that sets the story for the next book about Vera and Sebastian, but I enjoyed this book so much I didn't really mind it. I wanted the story to keep going on about Vera and Sebastian...it was to good to end in one book. So don't let that hold you back from reading this great book!.

I have read the previous reviews and thought it might not be true that this author had a debut book that hit a home run so quickly. It has happened before for me with other authors, but reading the previews it didn't read to me that it would be a 'WOW' book... how wrong I was!! If you like a hurt (inside and out) alpha male hero with a strong on the run/in trouble women with a heart to big...then this book is for you.

Vera has been on the run for about six years after her father was in trouble for embezzlement and killed himself. Vera was also set up to a part of it by having money transferred into an account with her name on it. So she went on the run instead of facing the false charges. Her friend Emily who is involved with a Russian Mob has been helping her hide and move around.
Vera dream is to get into a residency to work as a Family Dr which she is trained in. While she wait to find that job she takes different jobs while on the run. One leads her to being a housekeeper for Sebastian.

When Sebastian and her meet she is quickly attracted to him but he has an attitude and is very hateful to her. Things don't get any better the next few times they meet. Which makes Vera uncomfortable but at the same time she knows any feels she has for him can move forward not just because she is his housekeeper... she has made it a habit not to get attached to anyone or make friends.

But Sebastian has moved past fighting his attraction to Vera. Vera tries to continue to fight her attraction to him but, he wins her over and they start an affair. Vera tries to make it clear that she plans on leaving as soon as she finds a job to start being a Dr at a Family Practice. That this is just a temporary relationship.

Can Vera stick to her plan of leaving when she get her dream job? Will Sebastian find out she is on the run and why? Sebastian has a lot of trust issue and needs to be in control. Can Vera deal with this after being on her own for so long and running her own life?

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