The Secret



ARC provided by the Author for a Honest Review.  NOTE: Possible Spoilers. 



'The Secret" by Giana Darling is book two in "The Evolution of Sin" Trilogy. This book continues the story of Giselle "Elle" and Sinclair "Daniel" after they both have returned from Mexico. This book picks up where the first book " The Affair" ended. So I think to get the full enjoyment of this series it would be better to read the first book too. I was so happy to get this book and catch up with Elle and Sinclair! There is another cliffhanger but it again is one that we can live with while we wait for their next installment. "The Secret" gave away some of the reason for the book covers that "The Affair" and "The Secret" have. This book I felt opened up some of the secondary characters more and allowed us to get to know them better. It also gave me hope that Ms. Darling will continue with some of the secondary characters having their own stories/books. It felt like this book was planting 'seeds' for Cage, Cosima, Elena and the others to get their chance at love. Lets hope so!!

Elle has arrived back home from being away from her family for a few years. At her mother's the family is all there to welcom her back home. Elle has mixed feelings about being back because of why she left home and what all happened in Mexico with Sinclair. Elena is her older sister and they have had strained relationship for several years. But Elle is trying to move forward with her life and put things back together with her family and that included Elena. When Elena 'boyfriend' arrives we find a shocked Sinclair and Elle when they discover who the other one is. Elle can't believe that Sinclair is Elena live in boyfriend who Elena has been with for years. There is even talk of Elena and Sinclair adopting a child.

'The Secret' is now started when they both agree to keep it between themselves that they had met in Mexico and had 'The Affair'. Elle is torn between guilt and thinking this is 'karma' for their Affair. Their plan to try and stay away from each other is to hard for them. Sinclair suggest that they just be friends like he is with her sister Cosima. Elle agrees and they move forward with the friendship but they are still finding that they are still having a hard time fighting their attraction. Elle knows that she does not want to hurt her sister or family by letting it be known that Sinclair was her Mexican fling. But in the same hand Elle doesn't know if she can live with Elena and Sinclair moving forward. Sinclair appears to be fighting the same feelings too.

Can they keep "The Secret" or will their feelings for each other come forward?

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