How Fifty Shades of Grey Changed Romance Reading

I was asked on my Group Facebook Page what I thought of the Fifty Shades series.  I am sure the answer was more than what was wanted but I am so passionate about Romance books and the Fifty Shades Series I couldn't stop from writing too much. So I thought to share it here also. 

I loved Fifty Shades series. I have read all the books, listen to the audio books and went to see the movie. So it will be hard for me to say to much negative about the series. Although like every movie made into a book I thought the book was better. I guess its because you play your own 'movie' in your head while you are reading books. I have been reading books since I was really young...11 or 12 when my neighbor got me hooked on Harlequin Romances... back then romance books were really tame and hardly had a kiss. I have continue to read book every since and have really seen a big change in Romance book since the Fifty Shades series. Yes some of the Romance Book were getting more 'hot and heavy' but they kind of 'faded to black' when things started getting pretty far. When Fifty Shades came out and everyone was so into that book and the bedroom interaction.. it seem to up the level of romance book writing. So instead of just a erotica book and then a romance book they seem to 'marry' together to become a bigger part of a romance story. So I do like the series and I do like how Fifty Shades changed Romance Book much it is excepted now. When I was younger you didn't really make it known you read romance book. Now it is something that most everyone does and you don't have to keep it hidden. That was more than you wanted I am sure.... now to get to the story. I really felt for Christian Grey, his mother was a drug addict and whore who never really knew love or able to give love to Christian. So he had no really concept of love or belonging. Then he was taken in by his adopted parents who did love him and try to teach him love but he couldn't get the real understanding of it. Then he met 'Mrs Robinson' who I though really added to his pain of not being able to understand love. But when he met Anastasia he was so drawn to her that he seem to actually struggle when his emotions of not know how to love and his great want of being able to love (and be loved). Christian tried to 'fit her into a box' he was used to with Anastasia but she would not fit. Through her he learn to love and be loved... that love wasn't pain or something that was meant to hurt you. I did feel at times he was very harsh with her but again he never really knew anything else until her. Sorry if this was to long of answer.