Savannah Past Midnight

Savannah Past Midnight by Christine Edwards is book two in the 'Past Midnight' series. It is the story of Cosette Beauvais and Colton Brennan. I have read book one 'Charleston Past Midnight'. Severin Beauvais who is the 'hero' in that book, is Cosette's Uncle in this book. I just wanted to let you know that.... but other than being nice to catch up some with Severin, I thought this was a stand alone book so if you a jumping around in the series don't will be okay.

Cosette is a vampire that had been with vampire kingpin named Tristan but now she has breaking off with him. But he doesn't want to let go and along with some wolves that are blood thirsty she is having a almost daily situation with one or the other. On one of these interactions with a wolf she meets Colton.

Colton is a human and quickly is attracted to Cosette. Colton does not know that Cosette is a vampire and tries to save her when he first sees her. Cosette convince him finally that she can handle this and he takes her motorcycle to safety and waits for her to meet him. When she goes to meet him to get her bike he ask her to meet him another night to watch him fight. Colton wants to get to know her better.

Cosette is attracted to him but she has accidentally killed a human early in her vampire life and is scared that she would hurt him too. Cosette find that Colton is 'alpha' type male that she is not use to being around in a human form and it adds to her attraction to him.

Cosette is hurt during one of these attacks and goes to her Uncles house where she meets his wife and waits to heal. As soon as she feels better she goes to Colton who is upset at first thinking she has stood him up..but once he finds out they make up. Will this be the last time she is hurt?
Can Cosette get past her fear of hurting Colton and also survive the people that are after her? Will Colton be the man that Cosette will need?

I have truly loved this series and think you will love it too!

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