The Dream Dancer

I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
The Dream Dancer by Leslie Hachtel is the story of Lady Bryce and Lord Rowland.

Bryce has a 'skill' that lets her enter peoples dreams. Bryce has used this skill for some of her father's suitors that he has in mind for her. Bryce has to be near them and then she would enter their sleep to talk them out of marrying her.

While in town she meets Rowland who is on his way to meet her father. Bryce is attracted to him and Rowland to her. He tries to talk her into sleeping with him but she won't do so without a marriage ring. That is something Rowland doesn't really want. He leaves then next day for court to be near the King. Bryce Talks her father into taking her there saying that Rowland wants to marry her.

Can Bryce get into Rowland dreams and change his mind? Witchcraft is something that is illegal and dangerous to do....can Bryce get away with doing her 'Dream Dancing" ?


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