Enraptured - Candace Camp This is book three in the " Secrets Of The Loch" series. I have read all the book in the series but did so out of order, so for me the books (and this one) are really stand alone books... it just nice to catch up with the characters from the previous books. Candace Camp is another one of my favorite authors and when I see her name too on a book, I know the book is going be really good! This book was no exception...it too was really good! This is the story of Coll Munro who has been a secondary character in the other books. Coll has been placed in charge / overseer at the estate of Duncally. While the owners (his sister and new brother-in law) are away on honeymoon, he is taking care of the house. While doing so, he finds a visitor has come to the house. Violet Thornhill , is the visitor and she doesn't plan on leaving. She is there to examine the ruins that were found previously. Violet has arrived alone as her Uncle has died who was actually asked to look into the site. Violet wanted to continue to travel there so that she could make her claim on the site first before another person set to do the job. Violet is a bluestocking and very much independent person which is very different than what Coll is used to. They are quickly attracted to each other but have some misunderstanding and other issue to overcome before they can be together. I thought this was a great story and loved the secondary characters! I would recommend this book and all in the series! I hope that you too enjoy it as much as I have!!