Bite at First Sight

Bite at First Sight - Brooklyn Ann This is the third book in the series "Scandals with Bite". I have read the books in order but I still feel that they are stand alone books. So don't feel that you are going to be lost if you are reading the books out of order. Our heroine is Cassandra Burton who wants to be a Dr but as you know that back in her time that is a very hard goal to get. Cassandra is also a widow and has gone to great lengths to study to be a Dr. Which leads us to the hero of this story,Rafael Villar, Lord Vampire of London. They both have mutual friends and have met on and off through their friends. But one night while Cassandra is trying to get "supplies" for her studies she runs into Rafael. Rafael is a vampire out to find who is bothering his "people" he finds Cassandra..which leads him to bite her to find out her reason for being at the graveyard. Rafael find that he cannot wipe the memories of his bite and must take her to his house...where he keeps her as a "prisoner". This is were our story starts and where we find what they have to overcome to be together. Another great book by Brooklyn Ann.