The Likelihood of Lucy (Entangled Select Historical) (Regency Reformers)

The Likelihood of Lucy (Entangled Select Historical) (Regency Reformers) - Jenny Holiday I will say that I am new to this author Jenny Holiday but not for long... I plan on fixing that! I found that I like the writing style that she has. With that said this is the second in the series of "Regency Reformers " by Ms. Holiday. I found that I didn't need to have read the first to enjoy this it is a standalone book. Although I have already put it in my want to read list for the first in this series to correct my out of order reading and to just enjoy another book by this author. This story is of the heroine and hero growing up together but they move apart. When the heroine Lucy Greenleaf is turned out by her employer she turns to her friend and the hero: Trevor Bailey. Trevor has wealth,a spy in the service of the Crown and opening one of the "greatest" hotels in London. Lucy is taken aback by how much he has changed into the man he is today. Trevor to me through out this book feels that Lucy is to good for him. It is a great story and I enjoyed having the chance to read it!