A Brazen Bargain

A Brazen Bargain - Laura Trentham This is book two in the "Spies and Lovers" series. I have read the previous book " An Indecent Invitation" in the series but I felt this was a standalone book. This was really a traditional much loved Historical Romance. I loved Lord Rafe Drummond who is our hero. Rafe has the basic concept of traditional hero that has been scared and tries to be strong..loved this type of hero. Our heroine, Minerva Bellingham was someone that tried to take charge, fix things and did what they could for her family. Minerva younger brother has fallen into the wrong crowd and also someone that is spoiled. Her brother ends up owing money to Rafe and Minerva thought to give him her dowry in place of the money. But Rafe has deiced that they would befit more from working off the money and learning from this experience. It had a good side story too... overall loved having the chance to read this book!!