Assassin's Kiss

Assassin's Kiss - Sharon Kay This is book two in the "Watcher's Kiss" series. I have not yet read book one 'Tainted Kiss' and I did not have a problem keep up with this for me this was a standalone book. I did enjoy the writing and story so I will be looking into get that first book. This is a paranormal romance too. Scorpio is a Warrior who had to do some killing that were forced on him to protect his sister and brother. They were threaten to be hurt if he did not do some of the 'hits'. One being that of a clan leader and the clan leaders true love. For that he was cursed by a witch to know his true love but she would hate him on site. Not believing it..he forgot the curse until he return years later to the place were he had killed the couple. There he finds the impact of his earlier acts. The people have been held under the thumb of a neighboring enemy. The people there remember him for his killing and take him hostage. There he does meet his true love, Tessa. Tessa does dislike him right of the bat. Scorpio decided he needed to help these people and free them from their enemy and correct the wrong he had done them. Also this would bring Tessa to fill different about him. But getting them to start trusting him and getting Tessa to not hate him doesn't seem to be to easy at first. I enjoy this book and hope that you will too!