Possession of a Highlander

Possession of a Highlander - Madeline  Martin Madeline Martin is a great writer and I find that I really like her books. They are well written, suspenseful, and what I love most.. romance. This is the second in the series called: "Deception of a Highlander". I have read the first book, but I did find that this can be a standalone book if you are not able to read them in order. Brianna Lindsay is the heroine and after the death of her father she is struggling to hold on to everything. She feels that if word got out she would be forced into a marriage she does not want. Which leads us the hero, Colin MacKinnon. Colin comes into the picture helping Brianna. In return for helping her he has made a 'bargain' with her.... which in turns sets to help him with his father. A great read and one that I would recommend! So glad to have this book!