Unmasking Of A Lady

Unmasking Of A Lady - Sophie Dash This was a really great read..and a full size book! I found that I really liked Sophie Dash writing and hope to have more of her books to come. I loved the story that this book had...it is one of my favorite type of stories. Our heroine, Miss Harriet Groves is a lady that is much respected and loved by society. But as with all hour heroines, Harriet has another side to her... she is the "Green Highwayman." Harriet didn't plan on being two people but trying to save her family has put her in this position. She find that our hero, Major Edward Roberts has set to find out who the "Green Highwayman" is and put him to justice. With Harriet feeling she is to smart to fall for his traps but does know that she would be smart to keep him close to her..sets their path to falling in love. I thought this was a nice, easy read that would be good for a rainy day that you want to relax with a good book. Glad to have this book and hope that you will like it too!