The Greek Demands His Heir

The Greek Demands His Heir - Lynne Graham Leo Zikos has been engaged to a women he thinks will be the perfect wife for him. They are friends and he knows he won't have the emotional attachment that he doesn't want to have with her. They have been engaged for three years each doing whatever they want since this won't be a love match. But know the girl father is after her to marry him since she is caught in a scandal. So they set a date. Leo is still traveling and meets Grace Donovan and has a one night stand with her. Grace is studying to be a Doctor and hasn't never had sex. So Grace finds she is attracted to Leo and thinks she will have a one night stand with him to learn more about sex to help her in the future with her job. But a few weeks later she finds she is pregnant. Leo comes looking for her since he hasn't herd if she was okay or not after their night and find she did get pregnant. So Leo ends his engagement and starts to try to talk Grace into a full time relationship.