The Royal Conquest

The Royal Conquest - Stacy Reid This is book four in the "Scandalous House of Calydon". I have read book one "The Duke's Shotgun Wedding" but I have not read the other books yet in the series (which I am trying to do so now). So for me this was a stand alone book. I didn't feel that I had missed anything by not reading the books in order. This is my second book also by this author, Stacy Reid. I must say that I am so glad to have found her... I loved this book! This is a hot love scene book, with some emotional issue in the story. Miss Payton Peppiwell is our heroine, and she an American being brought into the London Social scene by her parents and Aunt. They are making her make a great match with a Lord, even though it is not her wish. She meets our hero, Mikhail Konstantinovich who introduces himself to be something he is not.. he is in actual fact a Prince and a Duke..not the horse trainer that Payton thinks he is. This starts their story of overcome the past and the present lies... a really good read that I was so happy to have read! I hope you enjoy it too!!