Sleeping Beau

Sleeping Beau - Lila DiPasqua I really loved this book! The story is a little different than some Historical Romance ones. It had great hot Love scene. Over all great book! Adrien d'Aspe, Marquis de Beaulain is a known Rake and five years ago he was surprised by Catherine ( although he didn't know her name back then). She came to him in his sleep and created the best 'sex' that he ever had ..then left before finding out her name. . Adrien has never forgotten her and has been search to find her. Five years later his half sister was asking him to distract a women that is engaged to her "protector". Adrien has not intended to do such a thing for his sister but once he sees Catherine he know she was the lady five years ago. So he goes after Catherine for his own purpose. This starts their great story!!