My Dirty Detour

My Dirty Detour - Grace Risata My Dirty Detour by Grace Risata is a hot, funny, emotional book that took me in pretty quick.
Violet is a divorced women who has only been with her ex-husband and is slow to get back into the dating field..but that is about to change!
Violet takes a wrong turn when coming back from getting a tractor part for her mom's on again off again boyfriend. This put her into the path of Rocky who at first is very put off by her just 'finding him and his business' and check out her story at first. Then after clearing her story, Rocky partner/friend talks Violet into coming to work for them a few hours each day to get their books up today. Violet settles with Rocky that he will teach her to defend herself in pay for working on his books.
Violet and Rocky get off on the wrong foot and it takes her leaving the job there for her and Rocky to work out there issues. Rocky and Violet are both attracted to each other...Rocky's friend starts to talk him into maybe dating Violet. Rocky has a rough past that makes him not believe that Violet can be as honest person as she is presenting herself to be. But once they both give into their attraction and things start looking better.... Rocky's past comes back. Can Rocky and Violet overcome all that their past have to get to the future they want? Really great book and would recommend it!!