Colours of Love - Entfesselt: Roman

Colours of Love - Entfesselt: Roman - Kathryn Taylor This is book one in the "Colours of Love" Series. This is my first book by this author too...but once I read this book I had to go and find book two 'Uncovered' because I had to know how things ended. Yes, book one does have a cliffhanger similar to 50 Shades of Grey where you need to the next book to pick up their story. Also it touched lightly on 50 Shades of Grey in their love scene but did not go as far. I truly liked this story and really go into the characters and even the secondary characters were really good!
Grace our heroine, is a young 22 year old lady who has never really left home and has only been going to college but she get a internship at a London Office for three months and decides that she really wants to go. Grace has been following the company history and the owner. On her first day in London at the airport she see Jonathan Huntington who is the owner of the company. She thinks at first he is there to pick her up and she goes to him only to find out he doesn't even know her but is there to pick up some Japanese colleges. So embarrassed she starts to walk away trying to find other transportation when he comes up to her and tells her they will take her to his office. When he drops her off at the office everyone is shocked that she had caught his attention and that he even gave her the time of day. The next day she is called into his office and he offers her to intern as his assistant and her original interning job. She quickly agrees know this is a good opportunity for her and her future career. Grace does wonder if she can handle the attraction she feels for him and do this job at the same time but decides to go forward with the offer. Grace starts to find that Jonathan is not so immune to her either.. But Jonathan seems very cold him some of his attitude towards her. Jonathan does act different around his sister and his best friend so she knows he is can be somewhat off guard at times. I really cannot say enough about this book and hope that you too will enjoy their emotional and wonderful story.