Netherworld - Kathryn Le Veque Sir Keller de Poyer has been rewarded lands and a title in Wales for his meritorious service...this also comes with a women he must marry. Keller is a older man about 41 years and he has been award with women after being promised to a widow whose husband shows back up. Keller was attached to the widow children and has never gotten over the hurt of that deception. So when he meets his 'new' wife Chrystobel he is quickly attracted to her but is slow to trust her. After just some hours there at the house/property he finds that the father is slow to come out of hiding, his future wife has a bruise on her face, the brother is abusive in his words to others. When Keller confronts the brother with Keller taking over and to set him strait on his abusive behavior, the brother attracts Chrystobel. We find out that the family is scared and abuse by the brother and has threaten to kill them if Chrystobel does not killer her new husband. Chrystobel decided to tell her new husband of all the things that her brother has done and wants done in hopes he can save them. Keller has started to have his hard heart chipped away by Chrystobel and her young sister. This was a really great read! I loved it! It does have some more violence then some books, and it does have less sexual content but it does have a lot of emotional feelings and overcoming mental obstetrical. Keller really turned out to be a gentle giant.