Not Always a Saint (Lost Lords)

Not Always a Saint (Lost Lords) - Mary Jo Putney Mary Jo Putney is such a great author and I was not disappointed at all with this book! It is the seventh book in the "The Lost Lords" series by Ms. Putney. I will say that for me this is a stand alone book as I have been jumping in and out of the order of the series. I haven't found any problems doing so. We find the hero, Daniel Herbert has suffered a tragic lost of his "sweetheart" and that has set the tone for his life of working hard, studying hard and putting his time in to help others with his medical knowledge. Daniel finds that he has inherited a title.... which for most men would make them happy. But not for Daniel, he finds to solve this problem of not being able to care / help others with his medical knowledge that he must marry. Then the wife can pretty much oversea things... which leads us to heroine Jessie Kelham also known as the "Black Widow". Jessie is in need of protection and also is in need of keep a secret she has. I too hope that you find you love this book and the author!