All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue: The Debutante Files

All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue: The Debutante Files - Sophie Jordan This is book two in the "The Debutante Files" ..note there is a 1.5 book called: "An Heiress For All Seasons" so if you are trying to read the books in order keep that one in mind. Although I have been reading them in order, I have found that they are stand alone don't be worried if you are jumping around in the series.
Sophie Jordan is one of my favorite authors! For me, her books do not disappoint you at all. I must say that this book caused me to tear up some. I felt bad for our heroine, Lady Aurelia who fell in love with her brother's best friend at an early age. When she was fifteen she set her mind to let him know how she felt but before she could she was really let down by him...which started that path to their ending their friendship. The hero, Max, Viscount Camden lost his parents and sister at an early age in an accident. This set him on a path to not want to be hurt again by love. Max was unsure why Aurelia had turned on him and left one of her drawings of him to be found..which left him a laughing stock with some of his boyhood friends..that took him years to get the nickname out of least to his face. But it started him to on his path to fight back and forth with her and ending their friendship. Years later they find that their bickering is coming to be more in passion than hate. They both try to protect themselves from being hurt, but the can't find their feeling forever. This starts the emotional story that I had to read in one sitting...yes I had a book hangover the next day but it was well worth it. Really loved this book and the author!!