Enticing Her Unexpected Bridegroom

Enticing Her Unexpected Bridegroom - Catherine Hemmerling This is book four in the "Lady Lancaster Garden Society Book" series. This is the first one that I have read in the series, so for me I thought it was a standalone book. I truly enjoyed this book and hope to get the other books in the series since this one was so good. Sarah Jardin was the youngest of several children and her mother died early in her life. Sarah family were more or less doing their things and left Sarah to her self and to the family help. She was growing up clumsy and awkward..somewhat alone. But then when she went to a birthday party she meet another girl who actually wanted to be her friend. Her new friend also had a brother that took Sarah awkwardness to heart. David Rochester felt he wanted to look out for her but Sarah found she had a crush on him. Years later when they have grown up he is still looking out for her and help her when she is being picked on. But this time his helping her had a price of them marring. This starts their story of how they came to acknowledge their feelings and what they overcame to be together. I enjoyed this book and hope that you will too!