Genevieve: Bride of Nevada

Genevieve: Bride of Nevada - Cynthia Woolf I received a ARC for a honest review.
I found this to be another great book by Cynthia Woolf. Ms. Woolf writes very sweet, easy and enjoyable reads that you don't want to put down.
Genevieve Copeland has had a tough live...being a orphan at the age of 5 she was to old to be adopted. Genny has always loved children and has help to take care of them. Now with the fire that has taken place she moves forward to getting that family she always wanted. So she becomes a Mail Order Bride and heads to Elko Nevada. Stuart MacDonnell is a widower who lost his wife in childbirth. Now Stuart has two children to raise and decided that the only thing to do was get a Mail Order Bride. Stuart tells Genny that he can't love again and that they only children will be the two he already has. Genny has the children she always wanted but does she have the family she always wanted?