Violca's Dragon

Violca's Dragon - Leilani Love This is book one in the "The Dragon Ruby" series. Violca Grey has been left to raise four sisters by herself. Everything was going okay until recently when she finds that people have been watching her and her family. Also another set have been coming into contact with them in their everyday life. When she goes on a family trip with her sisters and friend she finds they are starting to be attacked. Chase Reed who has been sent with his friends to watch her as they are trying to assets if Violca and her sister are the Earth witches they have been looking for and protect. They find that to be the case but Violca is hurt thinking that their budding relationship was just him using her to get close to find out. After the other evil group go into attacking them and Chase and his friends try to protect them, Violca starts to let the upset go. This was a really good series to start and I have enjoyed the secondary characters and their budding relationships too!