Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth - Virginia Brown This is what I would call a paranormal romance and a historical romance. Paranormal in the fact that it has two "ghost" that come to help with leading people/things to the right path. The heroine is Elizabeth Lee who by all accounts is very strait laced and not interested in marriage or such. But she used to be and was her by a man and has went to setting herself up as a leader of women and their rights. Which is way she is on the same ship as our hero, Scotsman Kincade MacKay..who is the total different in every way. They first meet with Kincade sneaking into her room thinking she was the women he set up a late night "meeting" with. Which startles her and she starts to yell and that leads to Kincade being put into the 'hold'. This leads Elizabeth going the next day to claim he is a cousin to help get him out... this starts the story and continues to the drama of them ship wrecking and how they come to being together. A very different book then I normally read by I like Virginia Brown's writing and I liked this book... and hoped that you do too.