Alexei: Love Me Harder - Alien Paranormal Romance

Alexei: Love Me Harder - Alien Paranormal Romance - Serena Simpson, Keriann Mckenna This is book six in the "Love Me Harder" series.
This is the story of Amber and Alexei. Alexei is the son of Aran and Rena who where in book one "Aran" in the Love me Harder series. All so Amber is the adopted daughter of Ash who we learn about the child in book five "Hale" in the Love Me Harder Series. But really you don't have to have read those book to enjoy this one as I just started with book four in the series. I will say there is a continue villain that is after each one but the book does catch you up so that not really a issue.
Amber is older than Alexi and they did grow up as 'cousins' but there is not blood family between them. They are both drawn to each other but because of their family history, age and other things it has moved forward until now. Where they are put in a situation that seem to move them forward to the goal end of them being together...this is an action pack book.
I really like the series.. the only negative that I can say about this book as to why its four stars is that the author does not describe the background scene or their moving scene clearly. For some less detail is the better but for me I like to have them actually moving from scene to scene with a description. But nothing that is keeping me from enjoying this series.