Loving Lies

Loving Lies - Tina Donahue This is book one in the "Dangerous Desires" series. I must say this was one hot book! Also I liked the story and felt that it worked out well. I just can't wait until book two "Wicked Whispers" comes out! Senorita Isabella who is the second daughter of three was trying to save her older sister from their Uncle who is trying to kill her and them. While presenting to be her older sister she was taken into a slave trade situation and was to be sold but our hero, Fernando de Zayas. Fernando is looking for his betrothed who he thinks is Isabella. But he is really betrothed to her older sister who does not wish to marry but continue to learn the art of healing and possible join a convent. So going along with protecting her sister she does not correct him. This leads them on a journey of desperation but also great love and passion. Really enjoyed this book and hope that you will too!!