The Wolfe

The Wolfe - Kathryn Le Veque This is the first book in the "de Wolfe Pack" series. Know that this book is about 900 pages long. My thought on the length of this book at first when thinking about reading the book I thought there would be a lot of filler...something drawn out forever. SO I was slow to jump on board with this book. But forged ahead and started reading this book. I found that it was a really good book that did not feel to be a 900 page book. This book beside the main two couples William and Jordan (lady) also included the story of several other couples. I found that I was wrapped up in their story too. It also had a lot of story to tell and it did feel right to be such a long book.
William the Wolf is English and has been fighting the Scots for a long time. But the Kings has called for a truce and to do so he feels he needs to tie the English Lord with a Highland Scott Lass who is the daughter of Thomas Scott a Highland Chief. So William is captain of the army for the Earl who has been told to marry Jordan. William is set to go and bring Jordan to The Earl.. When William first sees Jordan they her realizes that she is the Scottish Lass that save his life last year. Another thing William finds is that he has started to have feelings for her but he is bound to take him to his friend the Earl. Jordan too knows it is the fighter she saved and has started to have feelings for him. This starts the emotion, great, hard love ship that I was so glad to have read!